“As the pastor of a rural Missouri church I find The Theotherapy Project and The Rivera House so significant in their spiritual ministry that we invest missions dollars to aid in the accomplishment of our mutual goal – changed lives for the glory of Jesus Christ.”    

Jerry Tharp – Pastor, Lone Jack Baptist Church, Lone Jack, MO


 “I have seen so many women experience healing in your work.  They lose weight, their blood pressures go down, their physical pains are lightened.  Keep the good healing going!” 

Leslie Collins, MD


“The Theotherapy Project helps to make prison time a time transformation and renewal. Men and women take responsibility for their actions; they begin to respect and honor themselves and others. We are happy to support this ministry of healing!” 

Thomas Kleinert, Pastor, Vine Street Christian Church, Nashville, TN


“As the former Director of Volunteer Services for the Tennessee Department of Corrections, I have seen the Theotherapy Project representing the love of God in a tangible way.  It helps people work through issues that may have led them to where they are today.  They are in prison, so positively dealing with their past issues can help prevent future crimes.  I support Mark West and the work of the Theotherapy Project.” 

Richard Dixon, Associate Pastor, Bethel Word Outreach Center & Former Director of Volunteer Services TDOC


“As a Christian addiction counselor, I have personally witnessed Mark West minister through the Theotherapy model and have seen firsthand the positive effects it has on those who are incarcerated.  Theotherapy is truly life-transforming, not only to those in the free world but also for those behind prison walls.  I was so touched by the ministry of Mark West and the Theotherapy Project that I decided to enroll in this program of study to become a facilitator myself.”

Chaplain Yolanda Walker, Tennessee Prison for Women


“The Theotherapy Project is a great program and it has helped many of the inmates who have taken advantage of this unique ministry.  Unlike many of the religious groups that have just come and preached the Gospel, Theotherapy helps the students resolve past and present issues and also helps them learn how to deal with future issues from a soundly biblical perspective. I’ve heard many of the inmates tell how this program has impacted their lives in such a positive way.  Not only have I heard this from their lips, but also I’ve noticed a positive change in their actions.”

Chaplain Tim Coleman, Turney Center Industrial Complex



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