What is Theotherapy?

friendship for everTheotherapy comes from two Greek words meaning God’s healing.

As an outreach of  Zion Springs Ministries, the Theotherapy Project provides principles of healing, restoration and reconciliation to emotionally broken people – building integrity, responsibility and trust in order to reconcile families and communities.

The Theotherapy Project has two main focuses: offering specialized conferences and support groups within the community to local church congregations and also a prison ministry outreach to the incarcerated.

The Theotherapy Project works closely with inmates, former inmates and their families by offering quality rehabilitative programming designed to reduce recidivism (return to prison by former offenders).

Our faith-based conflict resolution programs conducted within the prison environment help incarcerated individuals face and resolve traumas and conflicts from the past, especially from childhood, that affect the actions, attitudes and belief systems influencing the choices leading to crime, addiction, abusive behaviors and incarceration.

What We Do

The Theotherapy Project offers conferences, ministry training and prison programs. The Theotherapy Project lends its support, expertise and effective faith-based conflict resolution programming to the work currently being done by the judiciary, law enforcement and the corrections community by working directly with inmates within the prison environment itself.

The broad nature of the project is to re-connect the prison and the community, specifically by providing well-organized, faith-based rehabilitative programs.  The purpose of the program is to help strengthen the participant’s ability to live responsibly and to make appropriate choices by helping them to identify and diffuse their unresolved conflicts.

The Theotherapy Project faith-based initiative helps the participants to develop a more healthy approach to dealing with areas of stress and conflict inside or outside prison walls and to reflect core values as represented in the Judeo-Christian tradition.  This program aims to strengthen inmates’ capacity to live responsibly in mutual support, trust and respect, whether incarcerated long term or preparing for life in the “free world”.

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